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by peterjukes

Liz and I were No 2 and No 3 on the list,” said Freud. “but that was parties we got invited to, not necessarily went to,” said Mr Freud.

The PR maestro, who is responsible for a string of showbusiness clients including Geri Halliwell, Chris Evans and Guy Ritchie, adds: “Here’s the weird thing about the Murdoch family. They believe what they read in the papers.”.

The interview, which was compiled over several months, provides a fascinating insight into his relationship with the Murdoch family.

Ms Murdoch – who is also interviewed – talks about her decision to leave her former husband, economist Elkin Pianim.

“It was a very difficult decision,” she says. “But Matthew is… everyone says you shouldn’t believe in soul mates. But I can’t believe in a more perfect person for me. And I can’t think of a more perfect person for him.”

The couple got engaged last month – eight months after their baby Charlotte was born.

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