Profile: Andy Coulson – Channel 4 News

by peterjukes

Four months after his resignation, Coulson re-remerged as the Conservatives’ director of communications. Tory leader David Cameron said Coulson would “make a formidable contribution as a senior member of my team in building the most effective strategy and operation to win the next general election”.

The Conservatives said Coulson’s job would involve day-to-day contact with editors and senior commentators, and dealing with long-term strategy. The party denied they were looking for an Alastair Campbell figure, but said Coulson would provide more “horsepower”.

When asked about the appointment by a reader in The Independent, Cameron answered: “I am satisfied that Andy Coulson was not aware that a journalist at the News of the World was engaged in this practice. But he did the right thing, took responsibility and resigned.”

Editor of Tim Montgomerie, who identifies Coulson as one of six key staffers in Cameron’s “West Wing”, wrote yesterday that Coulson “has been central to the revitalisation of the Conservative project since the summer of 2007”.

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