Consumed by scandal –

by peterjukes

For the past century British newspaper journalism has been dominated – if consumer choice is the measurement – by tabloids, including in that category those mid-market papers that share some of their approach. From a total national newspaper circulation of a little less than 9m, tabloids account for nearly 7m, with two – the Sun and the Daily Mail – in the top 20 titles in the world by circulation. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation figures for 2012, the Sun has a circulation of 2.58m; the Daily Mail 1.95m; the Daily Mirror 1.1m; the Daily Star 620,000; and the Daily Express 577,000 (a few copies fewer than the broadsheet Daily Telegraph’s 578,000). These figures, with about the same for their Sunday sisters, can be nearly trebled for readership. The inquiry, under the chairmanship of Lord Justice Leveson, is thus a crucial passage in British social and political life.

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