Tina Brown’s Must-Reads: The Reporter’s Role : NPR

by peterjukes

I came as close as I ever have to having an aneurysm,” he said, “because the students wrote that, ‘Oh, you would just use the Internet,’ and the details of the scandal would be there. The students imagined,” as Mr. Woodward put it, “that somehow the Internet was a magic lantern that lit up all events.”

Woodward, Brown says, makes the point that there really is no alternative to shoe-leather reporting — that Watergate would not have been broken by simply going online and Googling “Watergate break-in.”

“These students were so trained and so used to going online and finding already discovered facts,” Brown says, “they weren’t thinking about how those facts could be created from the ground up.”

via Tina Brown’s Must-Reads: The Reporter’s Role : NPR.