Is Murdoch still corrupting Parliament’s Select Committee? | openDemocracy

by peterjukes

There are two scandals here. The most obvious, is the intimidation and suborning of parliament by a Murdoch editor. The much more important one is the impunity with which she acted and the fact that after it became known nothing was done. Where were the brave MPs who so vocally defended the sovereignty of parliament against the EU or the European Court of Justice, when its sovereignty was being bullied inside the gothic temple itself? Were they keeping their heads under a blanket in case they too were worked over? Why didn’t the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition unite in their fury against such an attack on our democracy, instead of treating it as normal?

The bigger scandal was not – and is not – the existence of Murdoch’s threats but their appeasement by the political class, the acceptance by the authorities that such appeasement was routine, encouraged by the promotion of previous Editors of the News of the World to the highest positions inside Number 10. Don’t blame Murdoch alone for taking advantage of such weakness, when the greater responsibility lies with those who permitted it – and then sought to benefit from their pact with his influence.

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