Rupert Murdoch killed softly with Leveson lawyer’s words | Media | The Guardian

by peterjukes

On Wednesday Jay had used his superior grasp of the mountainous paperwork to needle Murdoch only occasionally. They spoke warmly at the end of the day.

Within minutes of Thursday’s resumption, the QC quoted the former Sun editor, David Yelland, who wrote that all Murdoch’s editors “go on a journey where they end up agreeing with everything Murdoch says … ‘What would Rupert think about this?’ is like a mantra inside your head”.

Editors, managers, lawyers, prime ministers – Murdoch’s hypnotic power over such people is what Jay has been trying to capture for Leveson’s inspection. Murdoch dismissed it as nonsense and disparaged his former protege, saying Yelland admitted being “drunk all his time at the Sun, which we didn’t notice”.

As became apparent, there were lots of things the £20m-a-year Murdoch didn’t notice, or have drawn to his attention. They included the letter from ex-royal “rogue” reporter, Clive Goodman, saying that phone hacking had been widespread at the News of the World. Also overlooked at inter-galactic HQ in New York was Mr Justice Eady’s judgment that the paper used blackmail against witnesses to stand up its Max Mosley sex story (the “Nazi orgy” as Murdoch put it, casually repeating the libel).

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