Rupert Murdoch ends love affair with Twitter

by peterjukes

ews Corps Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch has lashed out at Twitter, saying it is impossible to have ‘civilised discussions’ on the micro blogging site.

“Seems impossible to have civilised debate on Twitter. Ignorant, vicious abuse lowers whole society, maybe shows real social decay,” the media mogul tweeted.

Murdoch, who joined Twitter in January this year, had in the past used the website to share his political views, as well as attacking various companies and organisations worldwide.

According to The Daily Mail, in the early days as a ‘Tweeter’, Murdoch also voiced his support for U.S. politician Rick Santorum, writing that ‘all Iowans’ should ‘think about’ supporting Santorum in the Republican race.

Murdoch had used Twitter in recent months to launch an attack on Google and U.S. President Barack Obama.

The media tycoon described Google as a ‘piracy leader’ for directing people to pirate film websites.

“Piracy leader is Google, who streams movies free, then sells adverts around them. No wonder pouring millions into lobbying,” he had said. (ANI)

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