The Leveson inquiry: Fatal attraction | The Economist

by peterjukes

That inquiry has abruptly become politicised. Lord Justice Leveson, who set out to inquire into the practices of the press, is now being called upon to damn or exonerate politicians including Mr Hunt. His view on how the government behaved will influence whether he recommends that the quasi-judicial powers of ministers to oversee media takeover bids in future be retained or curtailed.

The hearings have also provided a rare peek into the in-boxes and text traffic of modern press barons. The mid-Atlantic managerialism of James Murdoch’s formal submissions contrasts sharply with the testier figure his internal communications reveal. Responding to the news that Mr Hunt’s legal team had advised him against meeting News International to talk about the bid, Mr Murdoch replies, “You must be fucking joking,” before insisting that he will send a text message.

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