The man who took on the Murdochs

by peterjukes

One quip involved a 2008 email sent to James Murdoch just before the Gordon Taylor settlement was struck by Lewis. In it, a subordinate passed along a warning that the hacking problems at News of the World were extensive. The email contradicted testimony by Murdoch, who said his subordinates never informed him of the depth of the problems at the paper.

Faced with the message, Murdoch wrote to Parliament in December, insisting he had never read the entire email. He said he’d received it on his BlackBerry on a Saturday afternoon.

At the time, Lewis quipped: ”I believe in Father Christmas, I believe in the tooth fairy, and I believe James Murdoch.”

His latest comment on the matter is: ”You can say what you like about James Murdoch, as long as you send it to his BlackBerry on a Saturday afternoon.”

via The man who took on the Murdochs.