BBC NEWS | Politics | Murdoch on Blair/Brown ‘distrust’

by peterjukes

It’s sometimes very inconvenient – if you’re only there two days and you have a month’s work to do.”

Mr Murdoch also gives his view that Mr Blair should go sooner rather than later and expressed dismay at his decision to announce that he would not be seeking a fourth term in office.

‘Face-off needed’

“To say ‘I am going to go in four or five years’, you’re a lame duck from that day on,” he said.

“You’ve seen his authority ebb away, a little bit at a time.

“The sooner we can see a face-off between Gordon Brown and Cameron, the sooner we can see the future.”

However, Mr Murdoch indicates that the Tory leader has yet to impress him.

“Look, he’s charming, he’s very bright, and he behaves as if he doesn’t believe in anything other than trying to construct what he believes will be the right public image,” he says.

‘Micromanager’ Brown?

And on the chancellor, he adds: “Gordon has a Calvinistic approach to life, and there is a lot to be said for it.

“The question is, is he such a micromanager that he’d want to interfere with everything in the country?

“And does he still believe that the state can run everything better than private enterprise?

“He’s not an old-style Labour socialist, but how much would he let the private sector get involved in health care and education – that will be the test.”

Mr Murdoch would not be drawn on which candidate he is likely to back at the next election, which is not likely to be until 2009 or 2010.


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