BBC NEWS | Politics | Murdoch on Blair/Brown ‘distrust’

by peterjukes

Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has told how he can not meet Tony Blair without seeing Gordon Brown because of the distrust between the two men.

“You have to be careful to have a cup of tea with them both or they are very suspicious that you are lining up with the other one,” he says.

Mr Murdoch made the comments in an interview in the New Yorker magazine.

The News Corporation boss says the prime minister made himself a “lame duck” by revealing his plans to quit.


He also casts doubt on the leadership qualities of both the chancellor and Conservative leader David Cameron.

In the interview, Mr Murdoch says he has spent more time with Mr Blair and the chancellor than he ever did with ex-Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

He behaves as if he doesn’t believe in anything other than trying to construct what he believes will be the right public image

Rupert Murdoch on David Cameron

“She didn’t go out of her way to develop a personal relationship with me,” he said.

“But Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, whenever I’m in town they say, ‘Can’t you come over for a cup of tea?’

“When you’re invited by the prime minister to have a cup of tea, you have a cup of tea.

“It’s sometimes very inconvenient – if you’re only there two days and you have a month’s work to do.”

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