It started with a power lunch and moved to ‘Lots of Love’ texts – Telegraph

by peterjukes

Mrs Brooks was invited to Chequers three times in 2010, and returned the favour by inviting the Camerons to her home near Chipping Norton.

Mr Jay asked: “Did you often pop around to each other’s houses?”

She said that would be “overstating the case” but went on to list a host of occasions, both planned and unplanned, when she met Mr Cameron, ranging from Elisabeth Murdoch’s 40th birthday party in 2008 to dinners at James Murdoch’s house, and, of course, dinner parties at her own home.

One such get-together was on Dec 23, 2010, just two days after Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, had been replaced by the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, as the minister scrutinising News Corp’s proposed takeover of BSkyB.

Mr Cable was recorded telling undercover journalists for The Daily Telegraph that he had “declared war on Mr Murdoch”. James Murdoch, who was then chairman of News International, has already told the inquiry he briefly discussed BSkyB with Mr Cameron at the dinner. Mr Jay asked Mrs Brooks if she was “party to any conversations along the lines that Dr Cable had acted in breach of duty, let’s hope the next one, Mr Hunt, does not?”

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