Murdoch driver: I told Jeremy Hunt about cash drops to Met police at Hyde Park tennis courts | Mail Online

by peterjukes

The controversy over Jeremy Hunt’s dealings with Rupert Murdoch’s empire took a bizarre twist last night after it emerged he held a meeting with one of the mogul’s former drivers to discuss his alleged role in illegal payments to police.  Paul Maley, who worked as a News International chauffeur for four years until 2009, is preparing extraordinary evidence for the Leveson Inquiry in which he is expected to reveal a 40-minute encounter with the Culture Secretary.Mr Maley told Mr Hunt during the meeting last September that he handed more than a dozen packages containing cash to police officers while working for the company.He also told Mr Hunt that his lawyers had a ‘black book’, which had been held by News International drivers and contained the names of the allegedly corrupt officers. He said it was being kept under ‘lock and key’ in a secret location.Mr Maley claimed in the meeting that since passing his information to the police he had become the target of a ‘campaign of intimidation’ designed to deter him from  identifying the officers who took the payments – including threatening phone calls, damage to his car and even dog excrement posted through his letterbox.The driver alleges Mr Hunt ‘fobbed him off’ – claims which were strenuously denied by the Cabinet Minister last night.Mr Maley’s evidence is being submitted by Collyer Bristow Solicitors, who have successfully represented a number of phone hacking victims, including Lord Prescott, in their battle for compensation from News International.  The company confirms that Mr Maley worked as a driver but will not comment publicly on his claims.However, one senior source last night questioned his ‘credibility’ and accused him of ‘going around trying to hawk his story for months’.  But friends of Mr Maley said: ‘Paul has been banging his head against a brick wall trying to get his story  out, but no one will believe him. Leveson is a chance for him to set out the facts.’

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