Rupert Murdoch and his amazing dog-whistle | Ceasefire Magazine

by peterjukes

Rupert Murdoch told the Leveson Inquiry last week that he’s never asked a British Prime Minister for anything. Amazing, he didn’t ask Thatcher for support when he moved to Fortress Wapping and kicked out the unions. He didn’t ask for the deregulation of the media that allowed him to become the dominant proprietor in print and broadcasting. He didn’t ask for the so-called “NISA clause” in the Employment Relations Act 1999 that blocked independent trade unions from seeking recognition. And he didn’t make a deal with the Tories in advance of the 2010 election that their media policies would be exactly what he wanted.

Of course, Rupert Murdoch has always been a bit fast and loose with the truth – in 1981, he gave undertakings about the editorial independence of the Times and Sunday Times when he took over that were almost instantly breached [BBC: 1981: Murdoch bids to take over Times]

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