Brown Moses Blog: Operation Russia – Corruption and Controversy

by peterjukes

Another reader contribution, this time covering Operation Russia, the investigation into police corruption with links to Ray Adams, the murders of Daniel Morgan and Stephen Lawrence, and much more:

In March 1987, Daniel Morgan was savagely murdered. Allegedly, he was silenced to prevent him taking his knowledge of a network of corrupt Met police to the News of the World’s Alex Marunchak. Daniel’s business partner, Jonathan REES was suspected of his murder.

Also in that Spring of 1987, a very secret police operation commenced – OPERATION RUSSIA. Its aim was to investigate organised police corruption in London – particularly in South East London where the Daniel Morgan murder occurred. Intelligence pointed to corruption amongst those who themselves were tasked with pursuing the most serious crimes, such as high-level organised drug suppliers. It was believed that corruption between serious criminals and detectives was allowing both to prosper financially, and protect each other in close collusion.

OPERATION RUSSIA was interested in Commander Ray ADAMS. In 1987, soon after he took over as head of the Metropolitan Police’s criminal intelligence branch, SO11, it was announced that Mr Adams was the subject of a corruption inquiry after a criminal alleged improper financial links with informants.

Adams’s close associate, DC Alan “Taffy” Holmes shot himself dead on 27 July , 1987, on the eve of Adams being interviewed by corruption investigators. Holmes had been interviewed twice, and was expected to face further questioning.

According to a South London detective Derek Haslam (himself somewhat controversial)

Daniel’s best contact in the south London police was Detective Constable Alan ‘Taffy’ Holmes…. Haslam claims Taffy Holmes and Daniel were getting ready to blow the whistle just before the private detective was killed…At the time of the murder, Taffy Holmes was serving on the Brinks Mat investigation.

Commander ADAMS was based at East Dulwich, local to Catford, Eltham etc. It was home of the South East Regional Crime Squad (‘SERCS’or ‘9SERCS’), Detective Sid FILLERY from Catford police station, was initially tasked investigating Daniel Morgan’s murder – without declaring his own close business links with the chief murder suspect, Jonathan REES. FILLERY’s alleged destruction of evidence has scuppered all attempts to convict any suspect for Daniel’s killing.

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