BBC News – Daniel Morgan report cites police and prosecution flaws

by peterjukes

Until his death Mr Morgan was in partnership with Jonathan Rees, whose company Southern Investigations has been linked to alleged email hacking.

The BBC’s Tom Symonds said it has been claimed Mr Morgan was killed because he had uncovered evidence of police corruption in south London.

Initial investigations failed to get to the bottom of the case, because, it was alleged, of police corruption.

But in 2006 a new inquiry, codenamed Operation Abelade 2, began and Mr Rees and two other men, Garry and Glenn Vian, were charged with Mr Morgan’s murder.

Then in March 2011 the case against them was thrown out because of the prosecution’s failure to disclose evidence.

‘Clear oversight’

The fresh review of the case concluded the three crates of documents not disclosed to the defence, which related to an earlier money laundering case, were relevant to the proceedings.

via BBC News – Daniel Morgan report cites police and prosecution flaws.