Probe ‘pointless’ – brother of murdered Cwmbran detective From South Wales Argus

by peterjukes

His murder was ever solved. Mr Morgans former business partner Jonathan Rees and Rees brothers-in-law Garry Vian and Glenn Vian were accused of the murder but were cleared of any wrongdoing last year.James Cook, accused of murder, and former detective sergeant Sid Fillery, charged with perverting justice – were also discharged after supergrass witnesses were discredited.The report, issued by the Crown Prosecution Service, pointed to the unreliability of critical witnesses and revealed that police had lost four crates of evidence a month before the case collapsed last year, and so this could not be disclosed to the defence. Mr Morgan said he and his family already knew why the prosecution case collapsed – something he described as a “slow motion train crash”.”Home Secretary Theresa May has been using the report as an excuse not to respond to our calls for a judicial inquiry,” Mr Morgan told the Argus.”It was so utterly pointless, frustrating and very annoying, particularly for my mother Isobel Hulsman who is now 84-years-old,” he said.

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