Secret ingredients of Rebekah Brooks and David Cameron’s Country Supper – Telegraph

by peterjukes

In the two days since Robert Jay QC recited the Becky’s Word Address to a mortified PM at the Leveson Inquiry, I must have read a score of articles deconstructing it down to the last exclamation mark. For example, analysts decode the sentence which reads, “On the party it was because I had asked a number of NI people to Manchester post-endorsement and they were disappointed not to see you,” as rebuking him – the ingrate – for skipping her News International conference bash so soon after she had put The Sun’s support behind him, and sending his wife in his place. “As always Sam was wonderful (and I thought it was OE’s were charm personified)”, is posited as a subliminal reminder of her own fabled charm, and the reference to the shared alma mater of husband Charlie and Mr Cameron as an attempt to bind them closer.

In her closing segment, Mrs Brooks nimbly melded three distinct argots. “I am so rooting for you tomorrow [high school cheerleader] not just as a proud friend but because professionally we’re definitely in this together! [girlish Mafia don] Speech of your life? Yes he Cam! [Sun headline writer]”. This passage, as the PM’s reddening cheeks and tortured body language confirmed on Thursday, is the killer. In humiliation terms, it shrinks Raisa the retired police nag to a Shetland pony.

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