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by peterjukes

The most intriguing news from Friday’s hearing was the interest in the iPhones of two senior News International executives. The two were unnamed, but Justice Vos ordered News International to “preserve” the company iPhones of two senior executives and their email contents. The Guardian said: “It is understood the request for access to the iPhone emails is related to allegations of concealment over phone hacking and would not point to evidence of hacking beyond the time when private investigator Glenn Mulcaire was jailed. ‘This could be very significant,’ said a source.”iPhones were not available in the UK until November 2007, nine months after NotW royal editor Clive Goodman and private investigator Mulcaire were jailed for phone hacking, the order from Justice Vos raises the possibility that more information on hacking could be found. It is the first time in the various inquiries that these iPhones have been mentioned. —  Glenn Dyer

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